Who We Are

“The person who goes with reverent feet through the hills and valleys, accompanied by neither noise nor dust to scare away wild creatures, stopping often, watching closely, listening carefully.

Only thus can they, at length, feel at one with what is after all their natural environment.”

– Robert Lloyd Praeger. 1937

Claire Samways


Claire is an unshakable enthusiast and has a zest for life. She is a visionary leader with a belief that together we can create a better world to live in.

She created Wild Wood Crafts to share her passions, gifts, and talents to others with the idea that she could be part of a change movement and inspire others on their journey to connect with nature, learn new life skills, be empowered to be their best selves, and ultimately create a better world to live in.

Claire has devoted her life to making a difference from working in the health sector as a Physiotherapist (Bsc Hons) for 25 years to following her passion and love of being one of the guardians of the natural world.


 Our Team

Russ Hughes


Russ has a zest and passion for life and holds Claire’s vision at heart of connecting people with nature.

He is currently undergoing his training to become a Forest school leader.

Russ’ 2 sons are part of the make up of The Honeybees Forest School.

He has a talent and gift of creating sessions that are fun filled, flexible and loves the art and skill of free play.


Laura Downey


Laura has worked with children for over 10 years and is a play therapist. She is currently undergoing her training to become a forest school leader.

She is passionate about being able to have a positive influence on the development of children’s lives and deeply believes in the ethos and vision of the Honeybees Forest School.

Laura has unique gifts and talents in art and crafts and is known to be the colourful member of our team.