Wellbeing in the Woods
              for Adults

The importance of Wellbeing in the Woods

Recent World events and modern life demands have put a strain on our society and are impacting on our health and wellbeing.

Despite the ability of modern life to connect us in many ways digitally, we are losing our natural ability to connect with each other, our communities and the natural world.

Wellbeing in the Woods

“Wild and free like the Honeybee”

Why we created Wellbeing in the Woods for Adults?

With the intention of connecting people to themselves and with nature we created Wellbeing in the Woods for Adults to offer a solution to the burdening demands of a stressed out society.

We passionately believe in this nature based approach to health and wellbeing as a unique and transformative experience.


  • Individuals
  • Groups of families and friends
  • Health professionals
  • Teachers
  • Community groups
  • Wellbeing in Work days
  • Corporate group


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What  you will gain

            from this experience


It is our privilege to support you on this journey of deep nature connection to enable you to gain the skills and knowledge to thrive in life, by taking the time to learn how to connect with yourself, others, and the natural world.

Being in nature, and in particular a woodland environment, gives you a unique multi-sensory experience to nourish your body, mind, and soul. We will build your confidence and resilience both mentally and physically by empowering you to take healthy risks and learn new life skills of deep nature connection. You will come away feeling nourished, fully alive and feel connected to yourself, others, and the earth we live on.

We will teach you the core routines of deep nature connection by:

Exploring nature’s curiosities by deepening your awareness of self, others and the natural world;

Learning about the importance of boundary setting, establishing agreements, problem solving and teamwork;

Learning woodland crafts, seasonal activities, nature games and survival skills;

Encouraging you to play and be free to make choices – find your voice;

Creating a lifelong learning culture by encouraging you to be curious;

Discovering the rewards of a reflective practice such as sit spots, journaling, and storytelling.

What makes this unique?

At the Honeybees we follow the Core Principles of practice making Wellbeing in the Woods a unique learning experience.

The sessions are delivered by Claire Samways who is a highly qualified and experienced practitioner. She is passionate about her work and believes in the power of deep nature connection.

All sessions will be delivered in an amazing woodland location, and we pride ourselves in creating a ‘safe place’ for learning which we feel makes this experience one of our unique attributes that sets us apart.