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Wellbeing in the Woods

The Honeybees

What is the Honeybees?

It is a nature based wellbeing and Forest School service.

It is an inspirational approach to education, health, and wellbeing through deep nature connection activities such as den building, learning how to light fires, woodland crafts, whittling wood, playing with clay, sensory sit spots, woodland walks, rope swings, free play, storytelling, learning about Celtic folklore, hammock time and generally having fun.

What are the benefits?

We created Wellbeing in the Woods for Adults to offer a solution to the burdening demands on a stressed out society.  We passionately believe in this nature based approach to health and wellbeing which is unique and transformative, and that we will support you in reaching your full potential and ability to thrive in life.

You will come away from this experience feeling empowered, uplifted and fully alive.

“Wild and free like the Honeybee

Where do sessions take place?

All sessions take place in a woodland setting.

See booking information for more details of each site location.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you want to find some time for yourself away from the fast pace of life; learn new life skills, relax in a hammock, have some fun, connect with new people, and spend time in the beautiful surroundings of a native Irish woodland.

We love working with a broad spectrum of people and are passionate about providing a service that is working with a connected family of learners, our tribe.

If you have any additional needs to help you during sessions, please fill in details in the booking section or for specific enquiries email Claire at thehoneybees@wildwoodcrafts.ie

Who runs the sessions?

All sessions will be led by Claire and assisted by her team of Honeybees.

You can learn more about Claire and her team HERE 

What type of activities will we do?

You will learn the core routines of deep nature connection activities such as den building, learning how to light fires, woodland crafts, whittling wood, playing with clay, sensory sit spots, woodland walks, rope swings, free play, storytelling, learning about Celtic folklore, hammock time and generally having fun.

Will I be fit enough to take part in activities?

As this is an outdoor learning experience we would expect you to be of good general health.

We would ask you to be responsible for your own wellbeing and as part of this we ask you to let us know of any medical or health issues prior to booking so we can be sensitive to your needs.

Please also read our Terms and Conditions prior to booking.

If you are still unsure if you would be fit to attend please email Claire with your queries to:



What should I wear?

All sessions take place in the outdoors. As part of your self-care and safety, it is important to be comfortable during all activities.

During the autumn and winter a waterproof jacket, trousers, wellington boots or trainers are essential.

When colder, bring adequate layers and gloves and a hat. Bring a day sac with hot drinks and a snack.

In spring and summer, wear lighter layers, bring wet gear when needed, and put on sunscreen and a sunhat as required.

Is it safe to take part in activities?

 All activities are risk benefited assessed, the woodland site where sessions are delivered will have a specific site risk assessment, there will be a daily dynamic risk assessment and you the participant will have the choice as to what you would like to take part in during the sessions making your own decisions. 

There will be a high practitioner to participant ratio of 1 practitioner to 8 participants to ensure delivery of high quality instruction and training.  All sessions will be led by Claire Samways and one to two other assistants or co-facilitators. All staff are either Access NI or Garda-vetted. 

Claire has qualifications in outdoor first aid (REC 2), BLS, Anaphylaxis, and qualifications in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

This is all in place to ensure you are kept safe during all sessions and have a magical time.

What happens if sessions are cancelled?

Sessions will only get cancelled in the event of high winds or severe weather warnings, due to staff illness or events that are out of our control.

We will notify you as soon as possible if this is the case.

Are there toilet facilities on site?

There will always be toilet facilities available during sessions from onsite toilet facilities which are site specific, to the use of a portable compost toilet system.

We also set up a handwashing station on site at all sessions called a Tippy Tap.

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The Honeybees


Tree Planting

Coppice Crafts


What is Coppicing?

Coppicing is one of the forgotten arts of how a ‘woodsman’ works in harmony with the seasonal synchronicity of a woodland, whereby when you cut a tree down, they do not die but grow again.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to coppicing including enhancing the woodland’s biodiversity, and the wood produced can be used for a variety of reasons from producing locally made charcoal, providing wood for fuel and for craft work.

How can I learn more about it?

At Wild Wood Crafts we run teaching and demonstration days so you can learn the basic principles of coppicing – see the Booking link or email coppicing@wildwoodcrafts.ie

Tree Planting

Why plant more trees?

Tree coverage in Ireland, and across the world, has been in decline leading to the much talked about problems of climate change. At present only 2% of Ireland’s land mass consists of semi natural and native woodlands.

Here at Wild Wood Crafts, we want to inspire you to take action to protect our native woodlands and plant trees with the aim of restoring and expanding our ancient woodland system in the endeavour of taking positive action to climate change.

What tree planting do you offer?

Here at Wild Wood Crafts, we provide community tree planting projects and a unique ‘Forest in a Box’ project to teach you all bout how you can plant trees.

For more information see What We Do

Who is tree planting for?

Tree planting is inclusive to all who wish to plant trees.

How can I get involved with tree planting?

Keep and eye on information on Tree Planting projects on our socials, book a session on Bookings, or you can email us at treeplanting@wildwoodcrafts.ie

Coppice Crafts

How can I buy a chair from you?

You can visit my SHOP online to see the current pieces for sale or email crafts@wildwoodcrafts.ie to discuss a commission.

Can you make me a chair?

Yes.  You can commission a stick chair or other piece of furniture. Email crafts@wildwoodcrafts.ie to discuss.

Online Shop

You can visit my online shop HERE to purchase current pieces for sale.

Still have a question or need help with anything?

You can contact us by email to claire@wildwoodcrafts.ie