Tree Planting with Wild Wood Crafts

Why Plant Trees?

Our native woodlands in Ireland are part of the fabric of our culture and natural heritage. These woodlands provide the highest expression of natural vegetation and are rich in biodiversity unique to this land.

However,at present only 2% of Ireland’s land mass consists of semi natural and native woodlands compared to the European average of 35% coverage. This decline in tree coverage is happening across the world and is one of the factors contributing to the much talked about problems of climate change and a reason for action to be taken to protect our woodlands from deforestation.

Diana Beresford-Kroeger, a consultant scientist, bestselling author and filmmaker refers to the need to plant and care for our trees in her inspiring film documentary
The Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees.

Here at Wild Wood Crafts we wanted to take positive action to help solve the problems of climate change and be part of a change movement to plant and protect our native Irish trees. As part of this we want to educate you on what you can do, and we offer tree planting projects that you could get involved in.

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“The person who goes with reverent feet through the hills and valleys, accompanied by neither noise nor dust to scare away wild creatures, stopping often, watching closely, listening carefully. Only thus can they, at length, feel at one with what is, after all, their natural environment”.


Community Tree

Here at Wild Wood Crafts we are actively involved in community tree planting projects throughout Ireland.

What’s involved?

Learning how to plant trees;
Learn about the different types of native trees;
Making a difference;
Working together;
Having fun.


Want to get involved?

  for more information.

in a

What is it?

Our Forest in a Box is another inspirational project we are actively involved in, designed to inspire you how to grow and create native woodlands in your back garden, community or school.

It is an empowering way of how you can take positive action to tackle climate change.