Forest School with Wild Wood Crafts

Why we created

The Honeybees

At Wild Wood Crafts we passionately believe in connecting people with nature and all the benefits that this brings.

So, we created a nature-based Wellbeing and Forest School service called The Honeybees.

Why we called this service the Honeybees

During Claire’s training to become a Forest School teacher she was given the nature name Claire ‘The Honeybee’ … she liked the name so much that she wanted this feeling of being “wild and free like a Honeybee” to be carried through into her deep nature connection work with people.


What is the Honeybees service?

It is an inspirational and long term approach to education, health, and wellbeing through deep nature connection core activities set in a woodland environment.

“One individual cannot possibly make a difference, alone. It is individual efforts, collectively, that makes a noticeable difference—all the difference in the world!”

– Dr. Jane Goodall

Wild Wood Crafts Forest School

Who is it for?

The Honeybees is inclusive to all, both young and old. 

We love working with a diverse range of people and are passionate about providing a service that is for all ages and abilities creating a connected family of learners, a hive of Honeybees.

What you will learn

It is a magical process of learning, and you will develop the core skills of deep nature connection including activities such as shelter building, nature games, scavenger hunts, art, woodland crafts, whittling wood, playing with ropes, making rope swings, hammock time, learn survival skills such as lighting fires and cooking on fires, tree climbing, free play and sensory activities.

You will also learn reflective practices such as sit spots, journaling, and storytelling, learn about Celtic folklore, and learn empowering life skills such as how to set boundaries, make agreements, work together as a team, problem solve and how to care for each other and our natural world.

Wild Wood Crafts Forest School

What to expect

All Forest School sessions take place in a woodland location throughout all the seasons. You will be guided by trained Forest School practitioners at each session and the ratio of practitioner to participant is kept low to allow for high quality instruction and service provision. All sessions are unique to the day and the season following the rhythms and energy of the Celtic Wheel.  It is a magical process of learning and you will  develop the core skills of  deep nature connection. 

You will come away  having had an earthy, deeply bonded nature connection experience, feeling good, feeling renewed and empowered with the skills to flourish in life, but most of all have fun and feel wild and free.

What we offer

Traditional Forest School

Traditional Forest School
for Kids

We offer Forest School sessions for kids for all age groups run throughout the seasonal cycles of the year.

We passionately believe that by providing this long term approach to kids learning, health and wellbeing we can make a difference.

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If you would like more information – read our FAQ’s or send a message to:

What sets us apart


We value creating an empowering environment  by using the skills and knowledge of the Karpman Empowering Triangle.

All staff encourage you to participate with a ‘can do’ approach to learning new activities. When problem solving and working together we break tasks into small baby steps and ask questions like ‘how will you do it’ to empower you.

Our Team

Our Queen Bee

Claire has boundless enthusiasm for life and loves sharing her talents,gifts and passion for deep nature connection with others.She thrives in working with people and loves making a difference to people’s lives. Her genuine belief in her vision and purpose of creating a better world to live in through her work with the Honeybees leaves you feeling inspired and uplifted. You will have a lasting memorable experience with your time with Claire.

Claire is an OCN level 3 Forest School Practitioner and a n ACORN member of the Irish Forest School Association.

Our Team of Honeybees

Claire is proud to provide you with a gifted and talented team of Honeybees who are equally as passionate about making a difference to people’s lives through their work and commitment to the ethos, vision and core principles of the Honeybees Forest School.

Growth & Development

Claire values the importance of continuous growth and development to ensure high quality sessions are delivered with maximum benefit to all learners.

Claire takes an active role in developing her own skills by attending CPD courses run by the IFSA and happily passes on these skills to her team of Honeybees. She is actively involved in the long term development of Forest School throughout Ireland by being an ACORN member of the IFSA.

Claire was trained by Marina Robb who she holds in high regard and seeks guidance and wisdom from her on her journey as a Forest School practitioner.


The Honeybees team deeply values connection as one of its core values. Claire and her team have a way of making people feel welcome which ensures a personable connected experience is had during all sessions.

We passionately believe that by improving our relationship with the natural world, that together we can create a better world to live in.

Session Delivery

The Honeybees team is committed to delivering high quality sessions in all they do. They follow the Joseph Cornell flow approach and the Ludic play cycle to framework sessions making all sessions unique in their experience.
With Claire and her team’s extensive knowledge of woodland crafts, natural building, woodland ecology, nature play and deep nature connection activities you will come away with new life skills and have a memorable and rewarding experience..

Our Location

All sessions are delivered in a location of outstanding natural beauty in the native woodlands of Ireland.

Our Hive for the Honeybees will be set up to ensure you have an amazing experience with us. We will have areas set up to include fire pit zones, tree stump circles, tarp shelters, natural shelters, hammock areas, space for sensory activities, a compost toilet set up and tippy taps for hand washing.

Glasswater wood is a native woodland planted in the Millenium, and  has an abundance of wildlife, ponds,  paths and rides for easy walking  with car parking facilities for ease of access.


We hold safety as one of our core values.

ALL staff are garda or access NI vetted. Claire is trained in REC 2 Outdoor First Aid and holds safeguarding children and vulnerable adults training.

All sessions are risk assessed from the site to activities with daily dynamic risk assessments taking place ensuring smooth and safe deliveries of activities and healthy risks to be taken.

  What makes a Forest School approach      unique  to connecting to nature?


The Honeybees Core Principles of Practice

Provide sessions through all seasons

All sessions run throughout the seasonal cycles with a long-term approach to deep nature connection

All sessions take place in a unique forest setting

to support the development of a relationship between the individuals and the natural world

Play and Choice are at the heart of learning

Play and choice are at the heart of each session which supports the needs of the individual

 Provide Holistic development for wellbeing

We empower you to develop resilience, confidence, trust and flourish to be your best self through the core routines learned in the nature connection

 Provide opportunities to take risks

Confidence, resilience, and problem-solving skills are developed by providing you the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment

 Qualified Forest School practitioners

To ensure high quality delivery on all sessions, all sessions are delivered by qualified Forest School practitioners

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For more information on Forest School principals and ethos visit the IFSA website