Old School | New School

                    for all ages

Why we created
Old School
/ New School

We are aware that due to recent life events and the pace of modern living, that this has led to individuals being disconnected on many levels with a feeling of being isolated and on their own.

Our solution is a unique service of connecting people together on an intergenerational level from young to ‘old’ by combining the sage wisdom of our elders with the energy and enthusiasm of our younger generation, we will create a ‘family’ of learning, and restore connection to the earth we live on.

A truly unique nature-based solution to reconnect people and reap the benefits nature richly provides.

Old School | New School for all ages

“Wild and free like the Honeybee”

  What we do

We will provide you an experiential nature based approach to wellbeing where you will be able to spend quality time with your ‘family’, be able take the time to connect and meet other like-minded people, learning new life skills.

It is a magical process of learning where you will develop the core skills of deep nature connection including activities such as shelter building, nature games, scavenger hunts, art, woodland crafts, whittling wood, playing with ropes, making rope swings, hammock time, learn survival skills such as lighting fires and cooking on fires, tree climbing, free play and sensory activities.

You will also learn reflective practices such as sit spots, journaling, and storytelling, learn about Celtic folklore, and learn empowering life skills such as how to set boundaries, make agreements, work together as a team, problem solve and how to care for each other and our natural world.

What makes this unique?

Creating time and giving permission for ‘elders’ to spend quality time and connect with their younger generation in nature is golden and extremely meaningful.

Learning together, developing new life skills, creating cherished moments, nourishing the body, mind and soul whilst deeply connecting with nature. 

Your journey will be led by Claire Samways, who is passionate about what she does and committed to delivering high quality sessions by following the Core Principles of Practice which makes nature based learning unique.


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