Forest in a Box

Forest in a Box

Forest in a Box is another inspirational project we are actively involved in, designed to inspire you how to grow and create native woodlands in your back garden, community or school.

It is an empowering way of how you can take positive action to tackle climate change.

This project responds to being one of the solutions of The Call of The Forest.



“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”


Preparing our Forest in a Box

   What’s the                       process?


How is this done and what does it do?

We teach you all about trees, their benefits, collect native Irish tree seeds, and then teach you how to build a Forest in a Box.

We will work together to build one metre square wooden boxes and use them as Native Tree Seedling Propagation System replicating a Dunemann system for growing trees.

After 2 years of propagation approximately 200 tree saplings will grow in each box enabling you to plant out and create your own woodland.

An amazing and magical project!


Are you interested in this project?

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Here at Wild Wood Crafts, we can deliver the Forest in a Box to the following groups:


If you want to teach your kids all about the benefits of trees and plant a woodland in or near your school grounds then this project is for you


Want to leave a legacy by planting trees, take positive steps to tackle climate change, give someone a unique present, or plant a woodland in your garden?

Wellness in Workday:

Want a feel good day away from the office with a difference?  We can teach you all about the benefits of trees, native tree seeds, and build a Forest in a Box for your workspace

Community groups

We can teach and empower you on how to build a Forest in a Box and make a difference to your local community area

Hospitals & Hospices:

If any of your patients or family members express a wish that they would like to leave a legacy by creating a Forest in a Box, please get in touch and we can make this happen. We can also create for you a Forest in a Box in your hospital and hospice setting.

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Planting out trees