Coppicing with Wild Wood Crafts

Why Coppice?

Coppicing is an ancient sustainable woodland management technique that uses nature’s capacity for regeneration from a living tree and way to work with nature naturally, in that when you cut a tree down to its stool/stump it does not die but regrows again.

This is a magical process and example of how you can work in harmony with nature.

The benefits of coppicing woodlands include enhancing and maintaining their biodiversity, has a regenerative capacity, improves their vitality, fulfills the woodlands potential to create an abundantly rich ecological habit and does not cause damage to other ecosystems.

Wood produced from coppicing can be used for heritage craft work, as a wood fuel source, for making hazel hurdle fencing and dead hedges.

   What we offer


At Wild Wood Crafts we teach workshops on the art and craft of coppicing.

This includes:

  learning the principles and benefits of coppicing,

  learning the techniques and practical application of coppicing, and

  learning how to use hand tools safely required for coppicing.


 Why  choose
Wild Wood Crafts?

Claire learned the art and craft of coppicing with the Muintir Na Coille Co-operative in Co Mayo and went onto set up her own coppice rotation in a native woodland in Co Down.

She is passionate about why and what she does and loves teaching and passing on her skills to those interested in learning how to look after and manage our woodlands in a nurturing and sustainable way.

You will walk away with the skills and knowledge to start your own coppice practice.

This project responds to being one of the solutions of The Call of The Forest.

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